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Are you stumped for gift ideas for the adventurer in your life? Let Kellee Set Go! give you some fantastic ideas to impress everyone on your list.

Christmas gifts creatively wrapped in brown paper in front of a Christmas tree

It's Christmas time! You know what that means - bring on the gifts, food, and friends! And as much as we love to give gifts to the people who are special to us, sometimes finding just the right gift can be a real head-scratcher. But have no fear. If one of the hard-to-shop-for-people on your list is an adventurer, we’ve got you. You know that at Kellee Set Go!, I understand the heart and mind of the adventurer, and more importantly, know what they need. You’ve come to the right place.

The following are some of the best gift ideas I recommend with a range of uses and prices.


Aluminum tins to fit into a cylinder with camping supplies

Is your adventurer all about the great outdoors, fishing, and camping? Even the most experienced outdoors person has a hundred and one things that they need to carry with them for safety and enjoyment. The only problem is sticking all that stuff in baggies isn’t practical or safe. Consider purchasing a set of VSSLs (pronounced vessel). These awesome containers hold essential items for their owners while on an adventure.

You can buy a compact cylindrical container that holds more than 70 pieces of essential camp gear that you can hold in your hand. They’re made from indestructible, military-grade, waterproof aluminum. The cylinder holds stackable aluminum tins of varying sizes. They’re available as a standard Camp Supplies system and the SUUNTO edition, which includes the best-in-class SUUNTO KB-14 mechanical compass.

You can purchase a pre-made set like these above, or you may build your own kit by choosing from three size tins (large, medium, and mini), nine colors, 22 different end caps, and 34 content options.

A green tent-hammock hybrid.

Just because they love to camp doesn’t mean they can’t have an excellent sleep. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has been rated #1 by Outside and Backpacker magazines. This hammock is comfortable, waterproof, and bug-proof. This covered, tent-hammock hybrid allows the camper to sleep safely suspended above the ground. The rain won’t even be an issue in this. The ends are specially designed to stay flat and remain taut, avoiding the bunching that occurs at the ends of most hammocks, as well as the stretching of the middle.

You can purchase this with or without the suspension cords.

Rechargeable flashlight

The one thing that most adventures feature is darkness. Your adventurer friend will need reliable light at all times. This fantastic device is rechargeable and compact at only 4.29 inches in length. It can shine 1500 lumens to a distance of 656 feet (200 m)! The light is powered by a 18650 (3400mAh) Li-ion battery but can be recharged with a USB Type-C charging port. The simple design features a single side switch that controls all of its lighting modes, as well as a battery level indicator.

The flashlight is waterproof and dustproof and can help you in all kinds of situations. It features a time-limited downshift when the light has been on too long on the ‘turbo’ setting, overheat protection, low-voltage warning, and it can run for 73 hours on the Eco setting on one charge. It can run for two hours straight on ‘Turbo’ before it requires a recharge.

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Stainless steel cylindrical camp stove.

The Solo Stove can be accurately described in two words - simple and ingenious! This high-quality item doesn’t require your adventurer to buy or carry any fuel, and it is resilient and durable.

To use this stove, your friend will gather twigs and tinder, and find a level place to put the stove. They’ll light the stove, place the cooking ring on the stove, then they can cook, boil, or roast a delicious meal or brew coffee in style.

Other features of the Solo Stove:

  • Wood Burning

  • Low Smoke

  • Durable

  • Stainless Steel

  • Cooks for four or more people

  • Signature 360-degree Airflow Design

5) Bombas

Assortment of soft, colorful ankle socks by Bombas

Yes, socks. The dreaded Christmas gift doesn’t have to come with a discreet eye roll - after all, what’s an adventure without warm feet? Bombas offers high-quality, upscale, colorful socks that provide a pair for the homeless community for each pair that is purchased. To date, they’ve donated over 50 million pairs.

The socks are made of soft, durable Merino wool and are available for men, women, and children. Sock styles come in calf, running ankle, quarter, knee-high, compression, and no-show. You can purchase 4-pack gift boxes of calf-length socks or 6 or 12-pack gift boxes of ankle socks that will impress everyone.

The socks feature:

  • Outstanding colors and patterns

  • Thick and comfortable

  • Pull tabs (some styles)

  • Honeycomb arch support system

  • Seamless toe

  • Stay-Put grips

  • Full cushion foot

  • Full cushion leg

  • Sure-Fit cuff

Final Thoughts.

It’s great having all kinds of people in your life with varying interests. But how are you supposed to figure out what someone wants when their hobbies and interests may be so different from your own. Well, if your hard-to-buy-for person is an outdoorsy adventurer, I hope the above helped. We’ve given you some of the best, high-quality, practical gift ideas your explorer would love to receive. The above companies know what adventurers want and need while providing excellent gear. Happy shopping!

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